Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

“I often get messages from people asking different questions on any advice I can give for new photographers, so I’m posting a frequently asked questions board to try to sum it up. Feel free to post your own questions, and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.”


Q: What type of camera do you use and how much did it cost? 

A: I use the Nikon D700 and when I bought it, body only, it ran about $2300.

Q: What type of camera would you recommend for a photographer just starting out?

A: I find it difficult to answer this question seeing as any DSLR camera at all is better than a point and shoot. Find one that you’re going to be able to fully opperate manually, change lenses, and one that suits your needs and budget. Also, do your homework. There are a lot of brands out there, and once you start buying gear, it’s hard to switch from one brand to another. For instance, if you start out with a canon, and you start buying the lenses, and then a speedlight, and all of these things that connect to it, and then you find out later down the road that you might want to go the nikon route, all your gear is fit for Canon, so you’ll have to start all over. So just be aware and up to speed on what exactly your getting. This industry is an expensive one to start out in.

Q: How did you get into photography?     

A: It was actually by complete accident. I know you guys are going to laugh when I say this but… Myspace. One of the cool things to do on Myspace a few years ago was to change your default picture up a lot. And through that, I learned a bit of editing, and just fell in love with photography in general.

Q: What kind of Camera did you start out with first? 

A: A Nikon D40x

Q: What advice would you give to up and coming photographers?       

A: The best advice I can give is to simply shoot. A lot. If you can, find a good photographer in your area that is looking for some help with his shoots, and in return for helping out on set, he can teach you the basics about lighting/ your camera/ editing/ etc. It’s a LOT to learn on your own and it helps a lot to have a meantor to back you up. Also find a team of professionals to work with. The more hands you can get onto your projects the better. You’d be surprised how much better your photography will be with professional hair stylists and make up artists.

Q: What program do you use to edit your photos? 

A: Photoshop CS5

Q: I don’t understand photoshop. Could you sum up some pointers that could be helpful in the editing dept.? 

A: Tutorials. There are TONS of tutorials out there that teach you anything and everything about editing. And most of them are for the photoshop challenged, so they’re pretty easy to follow.

Hopefully this answered any questions some of you might have had. Like I said, feel free to post your own if I left anything out or if you’re just curious about something. :)  

“Years of experience” means nothing if you don’t have the work to back it up. 25 years from now, I would hope my work was immaculate. FLAWLESS enough for my work to speak for itself.

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