FACTS about the Photographer


                                      Facts about AG 

Fact: I find plant life interesting. Especially plant defenses.

Fact: I’m addicted to the SYFY channel :)

Fact: I have Heterocromia, which is a condition in which each of my eyes are not the same color. In addition to this, my right side of my face has differences in my nose and mouth, that the left side of my face does not.

Fact: The once popular website known as “Myspace” brought on my photography addiction.

Fact: I collect owl and elephant figurines.

Fact: I concider myself a connisseur of purfumes. Everyone else’s taste in perfumes suck. And mine is awesome. :) And I know this because I’m commented on it daily. Strange ppl sniff me all the time.

Fact: My favorite food is spaghetti :)

Fact: My favorite color is teal green

Fact: I love hibachi Japanese Steakhouses

Fact: I’m terrified of birds.

Fact: I dislike the smell of flowers, but love the smell of fresh strawberries and other produce.

Fact: I’m very clumsy.

Fact: I don’t usually hold grudges. Given enough time for the anger to go away, and a good apology, and I’ll usually forgive just about anything.

Fact: I have no self esteme when it comes to my looks, but I’m as arragant as they come when it comes to my job. I know I’m badass. ;)

Fact: I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to my husband. I’m constantly bragging to everyone who will listen about him. To my understanding, it gets annoying. But I mean have you SEEN my husband!??

Fact: I call everyone babycakes. Even women. Even perfect strangers… so don’t go all creeper on me when I call you that and be like “heeeyyyy.” I’m not coming on to you.

Fact: I don’t smoke but have the smokers “hand to mouth” habit. I have to keep sunflower seeds in the house or I tend to munch a lot more.

Fact: I love british sayings, like “tittly bit”, and “gov’na” :) If I could get away with it, I’d totally talk in a british accent all the time.

Fact: Photography actually wasn’t my first love. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a writer. Like, full on, journalism, or Carry Bradshaw columnist. Turns out I wasn’t as good at it as I thought. LOL!

Fact: As a photographer, I am obsessed with light. I can spend hours playing with shiny dew drop diamonds, and figuring out how to shade the face in different ways. It fascinates me.

Fact: Getting a great shot will make me dance a squeal like a giddy school girl

Fact: I almost died in a fire when I was 5 years old. It was really early in the morning when my baby brother was playing with a cigarette lighter and set my bed on fire… while I was in it.

Fact: I hate socks

Fact: I love guacamole

Fact: My name was almost “Pamela Jane”



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